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UltraGreen  Recycled Graduation Regalia
When eco-serious schools and colleges incorporated sustainable solutions in their campus-wide programs we were one of the first in the industry to address this need with the introduction of our UltraGREEN outfits. While some suppliers found fabric developed from bamboo as the solution, we elected to offer caps and gowns made from recycled plastic bottles, a much more eco-friendly approach. Recycled Graduation Regalia

There are 2 types of recycled fabrics on the market today for graduation caps and gowns.

Recycled Graduation Regalia Option 1

Bamboo fabric is promoted as an eco-friendly product developed from a fast-growing renewable source, bamboo. The process of converting the hard grass product to a soft fabric requires the bamboo fiber tobe processed in a bath of lye, a corrosive alkaline substance (sodium hydroxide, NaOH, also known asCaustic soda) and carbon disulfide along with multi-phase bleaching with chemical agents such aschlorine and sulfuric acid (H2SO4), a strong mineral acid. The end result is a soft fiber used to develop atextile or fabric. Bamboo fabric is currently available to the graduation cap and gown industry as an ecofriendlyproduct. Note: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a consumer alert regarding this claim. Additionally, Consumer Reports, the independent consumer advocacy organization, has completed testing of this product and has issued similar warnings.

Option 2

The second fabric, developed from recycled PET plastic bottles, is a green renewable fiber produced from a series of simple, eco-friendly steps. First, bottles are collected from recycling centers, like thosefound on most college and university campuses. The bottles are washed and cleaned usingbiodegradable detergent. The bottles are then chipped into plastic flakes, melted and forced through spinnerets to create yarn. The process of weaving the yarn creates the fabric. This product is the reuseof waste that would otherwise be buried in landfills. Each graduation cap and gown sewn from recycled bottle fabric is estimated to keep 27 or more soda bottles out of landfills. A graduating class of 1,000 would prevent 27,000 plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill. And, as an added benefit, the fabricis durable enough to be used over and over by future graduates. If you had to develop an eco-friendly fabric for your school´┐Żs caps and gowns, which option would you choose? We selected option 2 as the fabric used for our new UltraGreen outfits. It was a “no brainer”.